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Is there a solution to Spain’s debt crisis?

Recently Spain got back on the radar of investors when an auction of government bonds failed to attract enough attention, forcing the yield up to almost 7%. In light of the yield on German bonds of less than 2%, this … Continue reading

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Is the Spanish housing market a steal?

According to this article house prices have dropped 6.4% in October, compared with October 2010. The overall price-index, with 1000 as a base for 2005, now stands at 891. That would imply a price drop of only 11%. If you take … Continue reading

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Marbella again proves right the old adage: location, location, location!

Yesterday an old friend came bursting into the office all excited. “I finally sold my house, he exclaimed enthousiastically.” What do you mean “finally?” I asked.”You only had the house on the market for eight months.

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