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Een compilatie van publicaties verzorgd door business consultants verbonden met Multiraedt:

  • De waarde van mijn bedrijf: wat de gek ervoor geeft?
    Ik wil mijn bedrijf verkopen!
    Elke ondernemer krijgt er mee te maken. Vroeg of laat. Het verkopen van het bedrijf waar u jarenlang keihard voor hebt gewerkt. U was meer op het bedrijf dan thuis. Naast de emotionele aspecten van een bedrijfsovername zijn er natuurlijk de financiële, fiscale en juridische factoren. En heel veel vragen; de meest gestelde vraag is:
    Wat is de waarde van mijn bedrijf? Lees verder….
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International Tax – The Netherlands still attractive for multinationals?

As from mid-2012, the Dutch parliament has expressed its interest in the use of the Netherlands in international tax planning structures by foreign (multinational) companies and is moving towards measures against so-called letterbox companies. Will the Netherlands remain an attractive location for multinationals? read on ….

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Blogs van de zakelijke specialisten van Multiraedt

Het Dilemma van de Manager
In reactie op mijn vorige artikel, kreeg ik vragen over de manier waarop je mensen laat aansluiten bij je organisatie. Hier wil ik graag verder op ingaan. Zo kreeg ik de volgende vraag: ‘Leuk verhaal, maar een beetje te algemeen, want hoe ga je bijvoorbeeld om met een “lastige medewerker”?’

Inderdaad, een goede vraag, die mij helpt om concreter …

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Interessante zakelijke blogs

  • Het groepsproces en de rol van de manager?
    Wat heeft het groepsproces met de manager te maken? Dat is waar deze blog over gaat. Maar we beginnen misschien wel met een ‘schokkende’ ervaring … lees verder..
  • Ondernemer: word jij ook nog dagelijks door die hond gebeten?
    Bart wil al heel lang voor zichzelf beginnen. Hij zou graag als ondernemer workshops willen geven over timemanagement. Maar hij durft de stap maar niet te zetten. Lees verder…
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Spanish banks face an impossible dilemma

Bankrun in progress
people withdraw their deposits in peripheral countries This graph shows one of the very worrying problems banks in the peripheral countries have to cope with. People don’t trust their banks like they used to and take their money out in an ever increasing pace. That means that banks are running out of cheap funding in a hurry. Continue reading

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America puts dying European banks on live support

For a brief moment this week it seemed as though the French bank Crédit Agricole would collapse because of lack of liquidity. Such an event had been a long time coming because European banks are having increasing difficulties in rolling over their massive short-term debts. Unfortunately, Crédit Agricole is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.
Since many are convinced that the bankruptcy of a major bank will provoke a chain reaction, surpassing the financial capabilities of the ECB and the individual countries , even the survival of the euro was believed to be at stake. Continue reading

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Is there a solution to Spain’s debt crisis?

Recently Spain got back on the radar of investors when an auction of government bonds failed to attract enough attention, forcing the yield up to almost 7%. In light of the yield on German bonds of less than 2%, this means that the financial market is seriously doubting Spain’s ability to make good on its loans.

If you add together all debts: government debts, corporate debts, financial institution debts and household debts, Spain is even more indebted than Italy, who saw it’s interest rate rise to over 7% last week. Spain’s total debt now stands at 363% of GDP against 313% for Italy. Continue reading

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Is the Spanish housing market a steal?

price indexAccording to this article house prices have dropped 6.4% in October, compared with October 2010. The overall price-index, with 1000 as a base for 2005, now stands at 891.

That would imply a price drop of only 11%. If you take the market high in 2007 however, prices have fallen roughly 28%. Continue reading

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Marbella again proves right the old adage: location, location, location!

Yesterday an old friend came bursting into the office all excited. “I finally sold my house, he exclaimed enthousiastically.” What do you mean “finally?” I asked.”You only had the house on the market for eight months. Continue reading

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IMF warns of a new banking crisis in Europe!

Just when financial markets calmed down a bit, the new boss of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, came with an almost dramatic appeal to urgently recapitalize banks.

She even went as far to advise banks, which are unable to attract private capital, to apply for a government bail out. Continue reading

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